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Ageing - a continuous adventure?

How do you feel about getting older? Do you believe the model that says old age is all about decline? Do you greet your greying hair or baldness with horror? Each absent-minded moment as a sign of doom?


If we look purely at physical stamina and strength the “peak and decline” model may well have some truth for many of us (although there is much we can do to retain physical strength and stamina...). However, there are other models. What if you look at life in terms of these attributes?


  • Experience

  • Wisdom

  • Kindness

  • Patience

  • Available time

  • Breadth of knowledge

  • Self awareness

  • Willingness to stand up for your beliefs

  • Resilience to the judgements of others

  • Humour

  • Appreciation of beauty

  • Love and appreciation of others

  • Empathy

These and many others may well increase with age…

Happiness to age.001.jpeg
speed of sprinting curve.001.jpeg
wisdom curve.001.jpeg
Contemporary art collage. Concept my uni

Myths about Ageing

Why are myths harmful? 

Views such as those below which are often assumed to be true contribute to stereotypical views about ageing.

These in 
turn contribute to ageist policies and behaviour towards
older people, throughout society.


As with other forms of unconscious bias, older people themselves are not immune and may internalise these negative beliefs, creating low self-esteem and internalised ageism.

Hence it is really important that we all, as individuals, challenge our assumptions about ageing


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