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Ageing - a continuous adventure?

How do you feel about getting older? Do you believe the model that says old age is all about decline? Do you greet all signs of greying or receding hair with horror? A sign that everything else will soon deteriorate?


In fact, while muscle tone and physical strength do statistically decline with age (though you can do a lot to reduce this) here are a few things that we can reasonably expect to increase as we age...


  • Experience

  • Wisdom

  • Breadth of knowledge

  • Self awareness

  • Willingness to stand up for your beliefs

  • Resilience to the judgements of others

  • Humour

  • Appreciation of beauty

  • Love and appreciation of others

  • Empathy

  • Kindness

  • Patience

Happiness is a great example. There is a widespread myth that old age brings sadness and depression. However, study after study has shown that happiness increases over the age of 55 - here's a graph from one study:

Happiness to age.001.jpeg
wisdom curve.001.jpeg
Contemporary art collage. Concept my uni

Myths about Ageing

Why are myths harmful? 

Views such as those below which are often assumed to be true contribute to stereotypical views about ageing.

These in 
turn contribute to ageist policies and behaviour towards
older people, throughout society.


As with other forms of unconscious bias, older people themselves are not immune and may internalise these negative beliefs, creating low self-esteem and internalised ageism.

Hence it is really important that we all, as individuals, challenge our assumptions about ageing


OK, but ageing isn't a breeze is it? Not for wimps..

Article about the challenges being different and new...not part of Erikson's life stages, we are breaking new ground - many people talking about the Third Act - Jane Fonda's Ted Talk - the 100 year life -it is down to each one of us to find our own path. But one thing is sure - we don't want or need the same things when we are 60 as we did when we were 30. To be's what some people say:

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